Transformer Bench Tester KVBT

Transformer Test System is applied for ex-work and maintenance detecting on various transformers.

Product Description

Test Object

(13.8-36kV) / (0.4-0.8kV) transformer capacity 25-10000kVA, Max impedance 10%.


The test system can conduct the below test :

Measure transformer no-load current percentage and no load losses

Measure transformer impedance and no load losses

Measure transformer DC resistance

Measure transformer turn ratio

Measure transformer voltage withstand

Measure induced voltage withstand

Measure insulate resistance

Measure transformer heat rise


Main Equipment:

  1. Auto Transformer Bench Test
  • The test system adopts computer operation and manual operation . The test report can be automatically upload after testing.
  1. Input basic transformer parameter(capacity, High low voltage side voltage), it can automatically choose the gears of high low voltage CT and PT.
  2. Automatically switch transformer gear
  3. Automatically boost and drop voltage; Automatically adjust the speed and stop up to rated current and voltage.
  4. Automatically judge the balance of test current and voltage during boosting voltage.It will stop boosting voltage once it exceed the set value.
  5. Automatically acquire and save the data
  6. Automatically generate the test report.
  • Multiple protection such as software/hardware and system interlocking. The bench adopts split design. Control unit adopts separate primary circuit and secondary control circuit . That can improve the security .
  • Adopt high accuracy power analyzer . The system adopts three meter method test theory. Low voltage CT accuracy 0.05 class. It can achieve primary and secondary automatic switch to improve the test stability and accuracy.
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