KV Hipot prides ourselves on helping ensure utilities power reliable and protecting critical power system all over the world , adhering to high standards and providing power test solutions that meet the needs of our customers , which is the basis of our growing reputation.
Our products High Voltage Test Equipment is widely used on various fields electricity grid power plant, substation, transmission, power system, construction, railway , telecom, petroleum, chemical industry, colleges and universities, electric power science and research, electric power measurement and power consumption units


1. Power transformation, transmit electricity, power supply

Application:  Preventative maintenance equipment, HV test equipment,AC Resonance Test Set, Substation electrical equipment

2. Electrical Power,  Electrical Substation 

Application : Electric transmission line, electrical substation, metering station, preventative test, high voltage , replay protection , switch

3. Electrical Unit 

Application : Metering station , Industrial electric, Insulation& eartch tester, withstand voltage tester , electrical patrol inspection equipment

4. Petroleum and Chemical

Application: Oil ,mine,oil field, grounding tester , oil test equipment, electrical insulation oil test equipment

5. Machineryelectrical

Application: Mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, production plant , manufacturing plant, insluation grounding tester, withstand voltage equipment , Lightning protection equipment

6. Railway, Railway line

Application: Railway , railway station substation , railway station DC system . Insulation grounding tester , HV insulation test equipment, battery test system

7. Oil and Gas 

Application: Transformer test equipment , oil test equipment 

8. Engergy

Application: Power system, HV test equipment , Battery test equipment 

9. Construction 

Application: Construction , ground insulation tester , Lightning protection equipment,

10. Test Lab

Application: Oil test lab , PD test lab, Reasearch test lab

11. Colleage and University10

Application: Teach and research experiments , partical discharge test equipment , withstand voltage test set, HV test equipment

12. Calibration Unit

Application: Measurment and calibration lab, Energy meter and insulation test meter, hipot tester