SF6 Gas Online Monitor Test System KVXJ

KVXJ SF6 Gas Online Monitor Test System is mainly applied on the room of 35KV SF6 500KV, 220KV, 110KV GIS in the substation to monitor the SF6 gas leakage  in the SF6 combined electrical equipment room environment and the oxygen content in the air in real time.

Product Description



KVXJ SF6 Gas Online Monitor Test System is mainly applied on the room of 35KV SF6 500KV, 220KV, 110KV GIS in the substation to monitor the SF6 gas leakage in the SF6 combined electrical equipment room environment and the oxygen content in the air in real time.

When SF6 gas leaks, the density of SF6 gas is more than 5 times that of air, which accumulates in the low space and causes local oxygen deficiency, that may cause major accidents. The system adopts multiple sets of new high-sensitivity imported SF6-O2 sensors and temperature and humidity sensors. When the indoor SF6 and O2 concentrations change slightly, the sensors can respond to these changes immediately, even if the SF6 concentration is 10ppmv can be effectively monitored. The concerntration change can be converted into 485 communication digital signal by Transmitter, A/D module, 485 communication module and SCM control ,then the signal is transmited to main control unit by RS 485 bus. Main control unit proceed the data process and storage, which judge alarm , then start the fan and remote communication function.



  • Indoor GIS environmental monitor
  • Environmental monitor of indoor SF6 switchgear room
  • SF6 high purity gas manufacturing

Function and Technical parameter


The system is composed by three module : 1. SF6 on-site detection unit, it includes gas sampling model and gas analysis module, which can finish the gas sampling, temperature and humidity measurement at each measuring point , quantitative analysist of SF6 and O2; 2. Main Control and auxiliary function module, they mainly completely the coordination work of each module, display and alarm ; 3 . Fan controller, it has fan start-up function .


SF6 On-site Detection unit


  1. Sampling Module
  • Function and parameter

Size: 340×420×100

2)Sampling module extension

Each sampling module has 12 route detection point+ 1 route zero point calibration. It can extend to 36 routes.


  1. Gas Analysis Module

Function and parameter :

SF6 detection range : 0-1500ppm;  Accurancy: ≥50ppm; Resolution: 1ppm

O2 Detection Range: 0-25%; Error: < 0.5%; Resolution: 0.1%

Humidity Display Range: 0-99% RH

Working Power Supply: 85 -265V AC, Anti-surge and anti-lightning function

Automatically track suspicious detection point to avoid error report

Support display: Big Display screen.

Sensor Parameter

  • SF6/O2  Sensor

Function and Parameter

  1. SF6 Detection Range: 0-1500ppm; Accurancy:≥ 50ppm; Resolution : 1ppm.
  2. Detection Range: 0-25%; Error: <5% ; Resolution : 0.1%
  3. Working Power Supply: 85 – 285V AC Anti-surge and anti-lightning function
  4. Automatically track suspicious detection point to avoid error report


  • Temperature Humidity Sensor

Temperature Display Range : -30~+99℃

Humidity Display Range: 0~99%RH


Main Controller and Auxiliary Function Modules  

  • Main Controller Function
  • Oxygen content in the environment monitoring display function.
  • Monitoring and display function of SF6 gas content in the environment.
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring display function in the environment.
  • SF6 gas content alarm function, hypoxia alarm function.
  • Timed exhaust function, manual forced exhaust function, hypoxia or SF6 content exceeds the standard, forced exhaust function.
  • Real-time display of various parameters.
  • Historical data query function.
  • Support telephoto system telemetry.
  • Original daily automatic zero calibration function, automatically overcome drift and false positives.
  • The inspection interval can be adjusted by users.  Automatic enhanced tracking function for suspicious detection points.
  • When alarm occurs, the fan and sound and light alarm will be automatically turned on.
  • Users can adjust SF6, O2 alarm parameters.
  • Support RTU telemetry telemetry function.
  • Massive alarm data recording and storage function, long life design.
  • Large color LCD display, user-friendly operation interface.
  • Wide voltage power supply design 85 ~ 265VAC, anti-wave and lightning function.
  • Human body induction, automatic start fan or voice system.
  • Display is more stable, a good solution to the problem of data drift.
  • Optional connection with the upper computer, remote monitoring, and event recording and historical event record.
  • Main Controller Parameter
  • SF6 concentration detection range: 0~1500ppm or customized.
  • SF6 gas detection sensitivity: ±5% setting value.
  • Oxygen concentration detection range: 0 ~ 25%.
  • Oxygen measurement accuracy: <0.5%.
  • Hypoxia alarm threshold: 18.0% (adjustable).
  • Temperature display range: -30~99℃.
  • Humidity display range: 0~99%RH.
  • Detection point: standard configuration 12 points (expandable to 36 points).
  • Data recordfunction: automatic record alarm events, mass storage, automatic update.
  • Alarm output: relay empty contact output, can be connected with RTU, and supports RS485 alarm output.
  • Support RTU remote start fan function.
  • Support infrared human body detection, automatically start the fan or voice prompts.
  • Fan controller: switch type: directly control the power supply of the fan; pulse type: connect with the fan control switch. Optional according to site conditions.
  • Fan start supports multiple modes: timed start, alarm start, automatic start when someone is there, remote start, manual start, etc.
  • Various forms of the host: wall-mounted, 3U 19-inch standard chassis; imitation windows interface, user-friendly interface.
  • Support remote transmission of measurement data through RS485. For example, a large LED display is installed at the door, and the measurement parameters and system operation can be seen immediately from a distance (need to be selected by the user).
  • Support communication test function.
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