5kV Insulation Resistance Tester KV3122

Product Description


KV3122 Insulation Resistance Tester is suitable for measuring the resistance of various insulating materials and the insulation resistance of transformers, motors, cables and electrical equipment. Digital insulation resistance meter is composed of medium and large scale integrated circuits, including high-precision micro current measurement system, digital boost system and automatic discharge circuit. Only a high voltage line and a signal line are needed to connect the measured the test object to measure.

It can automatically calculate the absorption ratio(DAR) and polarization index(PI), and automatically store the data of 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute and 10 minutes.


Technical parameter

  1. Insulation Tester Measuring Range & Accuracy
Output Volt Test Range Accuracy
250V(15%)DC 0.01MΩ~2.50GΩ ±3%rdg±5dgt
2.50GΩ~250 GΩ ±15%rdg±5dgt
500V(10%)DC 0.01MΩ~5.00GΩ ±3%rdg±5dgt
5.00GΩ~500 GΩ ±15%rdg±5dgt
1000V(10%)DC 0.01MΩ~10.00GΩ ±3%rdg±5dgt
10.00GΩ~1.00 TΩ ±15%rdg±5dgt
2500V(10%)DC 0.01MΩ~25.0GΩ ±3%rdg±5dgt
25.0GΩ~2.50 TΩ ±15%rdg±5dgt
5000V(10%)DC 0.01MΩ~50.0GΩ ±3%rdg±5dgt
50.0GΩ~5.00 TΩ ±15%rdg±5dgt
  1. The range and accuracy for AC & AC Voltage
Test Volt Test Range Accuracy
DC Voltage 0.01V~1000V ±2%rdg±3dgt

3.General Specification

Function Insulation resistance, polarization index, absorption ratio, AC and DC voltage test; automatic discharge function; environmental temperature test; clock function
Power DC 14.8V 2200mAh rechargeable Li-Battery,full battery volt approx. 16.8V
Voltage Range:250V、500V、1000V、2500V、5000V
Current ≥5mA(≥10mA、≥3.5mA、≥1.5mA option)
Wire connection method L port:“L” called high voltage output port,It is called the end of the line and leads to one end of the measured object
G port:”G” called shield end, It is used to measure the insulation resistance of insulating materials or cables by three electrode method. It is connected to the end of electrode protection ring.
E port:”E” called ground earth end,Connect to the ground and zero terminals of the measured object. For example, motor shell metal, transformer core, cable shield.
V port:AC / DC voltage measuring terminal(AC / DC automatic identification)
Resolution Insulation Resistance:0.01MΩ
AC Voltage:0.01V
DC Voltage:0.01V
Test Time 1min~30min(regarding method of test,settable)
Backlight Controllable white screen backlight, suitable for dark field
Shift Automatic shift
LCD 4 bite LCD display,white screen back light
LCD display size 124mm×67mm
Test display In the measurement, the LED flashes and the progress bar chart indicates
Charge display When charging, the indicator light on the charger is red and green after full charge
Size Tester Size:(LWH) 258mm×215mm×83mm
Standard test lines One red high voltage test rod, one green and one black test line
Battery Voltage Display the remaining power of the battery. When the battery is low, please charge it in time
Communication port With USB port, storage data upload to PC, save and print
Telecommunication Lines USB line 1m, length 1.5m
Working Current Stand by:25mA Max(backlight off);backlight:25mA Max(only backlight on);working:450mA Max(backlight off)
Weight Instrument weight:2.19kg(within battery)
Total weight:3.50kg(with package)
Tool back Yellow-Black double color toolbag,carry conveniently,good looking toolbag
Working Humiture -10℃~40℃;80%rh below
Storage Humiture -20℃~60℃;70%rh below
Withstand voltage AC 3700V/rms(between outer shell two far points)
Insulation Resistance 20MΩ above (between bottom metal screw and top end 500V)
Electromagnetic Characteristic IEC61326(EMC)
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