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We provide professional power test equipment and testing diagnostics technique support, to make your diagnosis work safer and easier.

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Ensure products with high performance and reliable safety according to power international standards.

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Strict quality control and technology upgrades

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Transformer Test
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Your Trusted and Visionary Partner in Electrical Systerm

KV Hipot is dedicated to providing a series of high voltage test equipment includes  hv cable test system , transformer test system and battery test system etc. We offer a one-stop solution in providing test diagnostics solution and technical service supporting .

Our premium quality and ousting service are recognized and highly appreciated by many clients. We insist that clients’ requirements are taken as the priority, and we try to provide you with the best and most appropriate solution

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Expert Technicians are comprised of highly experienced, licensed electricians and experts.

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You will always get our fast reply within 24 hours from our professional team for any inquiry and question

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Our Vision

Our Vision: Setting the Standard for Excellence in Electrical Testing Equipment.

Our Mission

We empower our customers to seamlessly install, enhance efficiency, cut costs, and prolong the lifespan of their electrical assets, thereby contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for all .

Our Motto

” Power up with Confidence: Elevating Electrical Safety “

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Why Choose Us

World class quality is our priority

Extended Your Electrical System Lifespan

We adhere to strict quality control and technology upgrades to ensure products with high performance and reliable safety according to extend electrical system lifespan.

One-stop customized solution

A full series of high voltage test equipment can be offered to meet your different requests for all industries.

CNAS Authorized Institution for Test Report and Certificated Calibration

Professional electric industry test reports and calibrations can be provided as per your request

Professional technical team service and support

Our team will offer a comprehensive solution and technical service support when you select equipment and proceed field commissioning for daily preventive maintenance and acceptance service.


Engineering solutions for all industries

VLF Hipot Tester
AC Resonance Test System
DC Hipot Tester
Transforemr Test Bench
Contact Resistance Tester
Battery Discharge Capacity Tester

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At KV Hipot , we offer a full line of high voltage test equipment . Request a free quote from us today !

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