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Batteries are the core of critical DC power system, which can provide stable and uninterrupted backup power in various industry power utility, data center, telecom, oil and gas, railway, motive power and electric car industries. In the event of power failure in the power facilities or transformer substation, the backup batteries are the last guard of DC power system. It is crucial to identify batteries state of health before they fail.

As the professional manufacturer of battery test equipment, KV Hipot Power Test Equipment Company provides a comprehansive power solution and full line of wide range battery load bank, battery charger discharger, battery regenerator, battery monitory system. A battery discharge capacity tester, battery tester can beneficially help technicians to analyze and identify a troubled battery system.


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Battery Load Bank

Battery Load Bank is used to perform discharge testing which is the only verifiable method to determine actual capacity of battery systems.

Battery Analyzer

Battery Analyzer is designed using the advanced AC discharge measurement method for testing cell internal resistance and voltage to judge the battery capacity and technical state.

KV Hipot can provides a full series of customzied DC load banks with many different models. They covers a wide voltage range from 10V to 600V which is widely used on various fields .

Battery Regeneration

Battery charge discharge tester is a multi-function comprehensive tester which is not only a battery charger and battery discharger, but only a battery activator . It can proceed the discharging and charging for the batteries to extend the lift-time .

Battery Voltage Monitor is a battery cell voltage monitor module performed on battery banks during the capacity test. It can connect with our Battery load bank to monitor cell voltage in battery strings. That can offer the identifying base for failing cells and replacing disable battieres.Each cell voltage monitor unit is same and can be connected in any cell battery test position .

DC Load Bank

Constance current DC Load Bank is a device used to test and maintain the performance of a battery system by simulating a load on the battery by constinuously the discharge current . It can carry out the discharge test to verify the battery real capacity .

AC Load Bank are used for many power supplies load bank testing to ensure that the standby power supply system say UPS, battery bank, generator, transformers, inverter etc which especially located in harsh, dusty or corrosive environment working in good condition

Battery Regeneration

Battery Regeneration is a comprehensive all-in-one machine which can proceed the battery capacity test, battery charging and battery activating . It can set multiple cycles of charging and discharging to activate the lag batteries and restore battery performance. Battery Regeneration can effectively delay battery aging and extend the batteries life-time.

Technical Solution

How to choose the right battery test equipment ?

Batteries are the core of critical DC power system , which can provide stable and uninterrupted backup power in various industry.  In the event of power failure in the power facilities or transformer substation , the bacup batteries are the last guard of DC power system . It is crucial to identify batteries state of health before they fail.

It is a diffcult process to choose the right and suitable battery test equipment for your different application .

How to extend your UPS battery life ?

UPS is short for Uninterruptible Power Supply, which is a system equipment that connects batteries (mostly lead-acid maintenance-free batteries) with the host, and converts direct current (DC) into mains power (AC ) through modular circuits of the host inverter.

Battery is main accessory of UPS power . It is essential for routine maintenance of batteries. Battery capacity specification clearly shows the discharge time of battery .


Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is NO. Capacity Discharge testing can not decrease battery life and damage the battery . Battereis are designed to be deep discharge between 100 -1000 times based on type of battery.So performing a few of capacity discharge test has no impact on battery life.

Yes, We has test equipment that has the optional online discharge function. When you need this function , please inquiry me.

Our battery load bank can be applied on Lithium battery, LifePO4 battery, Lead acid battery and Nickel-cadmium battery.

Yes, KV Hipot offers optional Cell Voltage Monitor (CVM) . It is equipped with battery load bank for recording voltage of each cell in real time. With CVM,  you could monitor all measurement data during the discharge , Some test results can be got using the PC software, such as string voltage/ current curve , discharge time and voltage curve , cell voltage data, etc.


If you want to know more, you can contact us with your requirement for more product details .

A battery load bank is a device used to test and validate the performance of batteries. It is used to measure the amount of current that a battery can supply over a given period of time, and to measure the battery’s efficiency, capacity, and lifespan. Battery load banks are commonly used in the automotive, telecommunications, data center and energy storage industries.

Yes, By using another customized load bank model, you could also  increase the discharge current in parallel discharge of two units.

Battery capacity test is to verity whether battery strings can be capable to reach the nominal capacity values (Ahs) that provide by battery manufacturer.  

As per the different battery discharge rate for C1( 1-hour), C5(5-hour), C10(10-hour) and C20( 20-hour), you can confirm the discharge current based the norninal capacity.

Definetly yes, we provide models of  battery load bank with wide voltage range. If you have different requirement, you can inquiry us for professional guideline on how to select the right load bank model.

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