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Electrical devices in substations, power grids, transmission lines or power plants are generally  costly to maintain or replace. The best and effectivest way to avoid these expenses is to inspect and maintain equipment on a regular basis. High voltage test equipment is applied to performing electrical insulation test for checking insulation level and dielectric strength to assess over voltage capability of electric appliance and insulation material such as transformer, motor, cable, HV switch, generator etc.

KV Hipot Power Equipment Company as the professional manufacturer of high voltage test equipment , we provide HV AC/DC Hipot Test Equipment , AC Resonant Test System , VLF Hipot Test Set etc. These equipment can effectively protect your electric system 


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High Voltage Test Equipment Product

VLF Cable Test Set

VLF High Voltage Test Set is a compact and high performence test equipment which diagnoses the condition of HV and MV cables enables early detection of vulnerabilities and prevents potential faults .

DC Hipot Test Set

DC Hipot Tester is applied to measure output voltage and leakage current for zinc oxide arresters,magnetic blowing arresters, power cables, generators,transformers,circuit breakers and other equipments.

Hipot test is a nondestructive test which is effective way to determine the insulation strength for electric equipment .

Variable Frequency AC Resonance Test System is applied for AC dielectric test for electric equipment.

Technical Solution

What is hipot test

Hipot test is short for high potential test and it is also called dielectric withstand test or pressure test or insulation test. Hipot test is a nondestructive test that determines the effectiveness of its insulation for withstanding over transient high voltage. It is high voltage test that is applied to all devices to ensure electrical insulation material is adequate.

AC Resonance Test System Knowledge

Series resonance is related with circuit and series connection. It is a resonance condition that usually occurs in series circuits. Generally, A series resonance test system is classified into two types regulating the induction and regulating frequency. It is composed by an exciting transformer, variable frequency power, capacitive voltage divider and reactor.

Frequently Asked Questions

VLF hipot testers use a sine wave voltage output that typically ranges from 0.1 Hz to 0.01 Hz.

The frequency of the VLF output is important because it affects the test voltage level that can be applied to the insulation without causing damage. At lower frequencies, higher voltages can be applied without damaging the insulation. This is because the low frequency allows the voltage to penetrate the insulation and charge the capacitance of the system, rather than simply causing surface breakdown.

The principle of AC resonance test system is based on the resonant circuit theory. In this test, an AC source is used to excite the system with a specific frequency, and the current response of the system is measured. The test system consists of a variable frequency AC source, a reactor or inductor, a capacitor, and a voltage and current measurement system.

A withstand voltage test is a type of high voltage test that is performed on electrical equipment or systems to assess their ability to withstand a specified voltage level for a certain period of time without breakdown or failure.

The test involves applying a high voltage to the equipment or system under test, typically at a level higher than its rated voltage, for a specified duration. The voltage level and test duration are determined by relevant standards and the specifications of the equipment being tested.

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