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AC Resonance Test System

Variable Frequency AC Resonance Test System is applied for AC dielectric test for electric equipment. It includes applications such as testing GIS, power cables, capacitors, gas-insulated switchgear,  generator windings and insulators.


what does we support for work sectors in the power industry ?

Electrical Generation 

 Power  Transformation

Substation Maintenance

Industrial Facilities

Electrical Equipment Manufacturing

Electrical Maintenance and Service

Research Institutions and Laboratories

Electrical Contractor 

minimizes unplanned downtime, reduces maintenance costs, and extends the lifespan of critical electrical assets

By implementing predictive analytics, our systems identify potential issues before they lead to equipment failures, ensuring reliability and longevity. Our solutions offer detailed condition assessments and actionable insights, enabling customers to prioritize maintenance and replacement efforts. This proactive approach minimizes unplanned downtime, reduces maintenance costs, and extends the lifespan of critical electrical assets, ensuring continuous and safe operation in both electric utilities and industrial facilities.

High voltage power transformer substation.

Automated testing to ensure the reliability and effiency of measurement

AC resonance test systems deliver precise, automated testing to ensure the reliability of transformers, switchgear, and cables. By providing comprehensive diagnostics and detailed reports, our systems streamline the quality assurance process, reducing manual effort and human error. The automation features enhance testing efficiency, saving time and operational costs.

Equipment system flexible assembly for different testing needs

AC resonance test systems provide unparalleled versatility, essential for testing a wide range of objects including power cables, GIS, capacitors, insulators, and transformers. It can accommodate diverse testing scenarios, ensuring comprehensive and adaptable solutions. Integrated data acquisition and analysis software streamline data management, offering precise, real-time insights and comprehensive reports. This enhances the quality assurance process, delivering accurate and reliable results. Automated systems reduce operational expenses and improve testing efficiency.

AC Resonance Test System 2

Designed for robustness to ensure consistent performance and maximum safety

AC resonance test systems enhance operational efficiency, ensure safety, and withstand harsh environments. Designed for robustness, our systems perform reliably in challenging conditions, ensuring consistent performance and maximum safety. They offer quick diagnostics and easy operation, reducing downtime and maintaining continuous operation of high-voltage equipment. With portable and durable designs, our systems can be used on-site, providing immediate results and facilitating prompt decision-making. By improving efficiency, safety, and reliability in tough environments, our solutions help industrial facilities maintain productivity and safety while optimizing maintenance efforts and costs.

AC Resonance Test System Production Line

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Why do you chose us

Multi-protection function, Safe and Durable Product

We adhere to strict quality control and technology upgrades to ensure products with high performance and reliable safety according to power international standards.

One-stop customized solution

A series of high voltage test equipment can be offered to meet your different requests.

Professional technical team

Expert Technicians are comprised of highly experienced, licensed electricians and experts. Our team will offer a comprehensive solution and technical service support when you select equipment and proceed field commissioning for daily preventive maintenance and acceptance service.

Comprehensive Range

The product range spans handheld units, benchtop instruments, and portable solutions to meet the diverse needs of electricians, technicians, and engineers working on electrical systems, machines, and installations. These tools enable comprehensive testing, troubleshooting, and preventive maintenance across a wide variety of electrical and electronic applications.

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