How to choose the right battery test equipment ?

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Batteries are the core of critical DC power system , which can provide stable and uninterrupted backup power in various industry.  In the event of power failure in the power facilities or transformer substation , the bacup batteries are the last guard of DC power system . It is crucial to identify batteries state of health before they fail.

It is a difficult process to choose the right and suitable battery test equipment for your different application. Here is some test equipment for your battery testing for checking battery the state of health.

Battery Impedance test Equipment

Battery impdance test can helps to identify individual weak cell before fail . Battery is not resistor and it is a active unit. They have the capacitance to due to a double layer effect that occurs when liquids come in contact with plates and electrolyte.

The internal resistance test is a four wire , Kelvin-type-measurement, which can measure AC voltage drop accross the cell battery and calulated the impedance . The principle is that processor can adjust the load by D/A , the battery proceed the discharging to generate a low frequency signal. And After the signal couplied and filtered, it can accurately measure battery voltage and internal resistance .

Our line BT series of battery meter can proceed online and offline testing that will judge the heath of individual battery . Our Battery impedance tester will measure the internal resistance tester , cell voltage and capacity percentage .

Battery Capaicty Test Equipment

The only reliable and effective methods of measuring an accurate capaity of battery is to perform a discharge test. Our series KVFD battery discharge test equipment is used to as a discharge load to conduct a discharge test at constant current or constent power .

The principle of discharge at constant current is that the tester’s discharge circuit adopts PWM + PID closed-loop control technology under the control of ARM (central processing unit), which enables the power circuit to work accurately under the set discharge current. For example, during constant current discharge, when battery voltage starts to decline, the ARM controller receives the reduced current value through the feedback current sensor, and then acquires the increased value of the needed controlled power loop through a certain rate and mode of calculation. This adjustment process repeats itself to ultimately achieve the effect of real-time adjustment. This is the principle of constant current discharge. According to this principle, constant power is similarly adjusted, except that in addition to the current value the voltage value is required.

Series KVFD Battery discharge capacity tester can test the battery capacity online and offline . You even can get higher current in parallel extral load units. KV Hipot ’s cell monitor module can equipped with battery discharge tester to get the cell voltage in order to judge the health state of cell battery .

Battery Activation

So far there is two main battery chemistries widely used –lead-acid battery and nickel-cadmium battery . Generally battery service life is 5 to 8 years . But it often has premature function failure due to such quality problems as material defect, structure defect or process defect, or improper use. Or there is A chemical reaction occurs in the battery. That will cause the battery fail .  

Battery Activation adopts the characteristics of high frequency, low voltage and high current under the action of directional current, the lead sulfate crystals adhering to the surface of the battery plate are decomposed and reduced to lead ions again, so as to conduct charge and discharge cycle of batteries for activating the active substance of battery plate failure . That can extend the serice life to prevent scrapping and warrantying those batteries

KV Hipot can not only provide battery activation for 2V,6V ,12V cell battery, but also for battery banks. It is applied for cell battery and series xx is used for battery banks .

Battery Monitor Test Equipment 

In order to improve the reliability and safety of your UPS and DC power systems , Battery monitor test equipment is indispensable by real time battery monitoring and management.

Our series battery monitor test system can monitor the battery state in 7*24 . The test system can monitor cell battery’s voltage , resistance temperature and discharge current.

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