Vacuum switch vacuum degree tester

Vacuum switch vacuum degree tester utilizes an innovative excitation coil and employs the magnetron discharge method to evaluate the vacuum degree of the arc extinguishing chamber without requiring disassembly.

What is the transformer temperature rising test ?

When the temperature of transformer accessories exceeds its allowable range for a long time, even the transformer oil temperature is 10℃ higher than normal or the temperature is still rising, the insulation of transformer will be easily damaged and broken down by high voltage,causing failure or accidents .  In order to ensure the normal work and service life-span of transformer, it is very important to evaluate the transformer heat up.  Let’s discuss the transformer testing for temperature rising in the article .

How Reliable Are Your Batteries in Hydropower Really?

The heart of DC systems lies the battery, a critical component that provides emergency power during outages, supports control and protection equipment, and stabilizes power quality. To guarantee their dependability, battery test equipment are indispensable tools in the maintenance of these energy storage systems.

The application and trouble methods of AC Resonance Test System 

AC series resonance test system is a cornerstone, its import as critical as the infrastructure it supports. This article seeks to underscore the vital role of such equipment in the lifecycle of high-voltage applications. We will elucidate its indispensable applications, from the meticulous testing of power plant components to the rigorous validation of transmission lines, underscoring how the stability of our electrical supply hinges on the robustness of these systems.

The successful case about Fault Detection with VLF Testing

This article delves into a case study highlighting the successful detection of faults in HV/MV cables using Very Low Frequency (VLF) testing and explores the features of VLF cable testing and their applications on the actual cases .

What type of test is used in HV circuit breakers?

There are several types of test equipment that can be applied to high-voltage circuit breakers for maintenance, troubleshooting, and performance evaluation. Some commonly used test equipment for high-voltage circuit breakers include HV Circuit Breaker Analyzers,Primary Injection Test Sets,Relay Protection Test Sets, Insulation Resistance Testers,Contact Resistance Testers,Vacuum switch vacuum degree tester, Partial Discharge Testers.

What is the winding deformation of the transformer ?

Transformer winding deformation refers to the physical distortion or displacement of the transformer windings from their intended position or shape. It can occur due to various factors and may result in operational issues, reduced performance, and potential transformer failures,with outlet short-circuits being particularly hazardous to transformers.

What is transformer test bench ?

Transformer in substation

Transformer test bench products can effectively detect and maintain your products. In this article, we will explore the significant role transformer test bench products play in diagnosing faults in transformers, enabling efficient troubleshooting and effective maintenance.

Why do we measure transformer winding resistance ?

Each transformer is included different accessories , such as iron core , windings , coil, insulation material , tap-changers etc. The transformer windings plays a importance role during the running .

This article will introduce the knowledge about the types , the significance of transformer winding and the transformer winding test

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