Analysis of Abnormal Partial Discharge of 35 kV XLPE Cable

when it comes to the utilization of 35 kV XLPE cables, the issue of abnormal partial discharge poses a significant challenge. Power outages resulting from this problem accelerate cable damage, leading to economic losses for industry development and hindering sustainable industry growth. Consequently, when analyzing partial discharge issues with 35 kV XLPE cables

Is VLF test destructive ?

VLF testing is considered more suitable for assessing the withstand capability and insulation quality of modern cables with polymer-based insulation. It provides a more realistic and less damaging test method compared to DC testing. The VLF testing method allows for a more accurate evaluation of the cable’s condition and remaining life expectancy.

The Application and Advantages of Battery charger discharger: Solving Practical Pain Points in Data Center Provider

Battery Charger Discharger Introduce A battery charger discharger is a device or system designed to charge and discharge batteries. It is used to manage the charging and discharging process of batteries, ensuring their optimal performance and longevity. It is a comprehensive all-in-one machine which can proceed the battery capacity test, battery charging and battery activating . It […]

What is the difference between VLF and hipot ?

What is the difference between VLF and hipot?
VLF Testing is a AC hipot tester that perform the withstand and diagnostic testing for test object at very low frequency 0.1 Hz to 0.01 Hz . It is applied for HV/MV cable, motor and generator and other high capacitive loads.

Vacuum switch vacuum degree tester

Vacuum switch vacuum degree tester utilizes an innovative excitation coil and employs the magnetron discharge method to evaluate the vacuum degree of the arc extinguishing chamber without requiring disassembly.

What is the transformer temperature rising test ?

When the temperature of transformer accessories exceeds its allowable range for a long time, even the transformer oil temperature is 10℃ higher than normal or the temperature is still rising, the insulation of transformer will be easily damaged and broken down by high voltage,causing failure or accidents .  In order to ensure the normal work and service life-span of transformer, it is very important to evaluate the transformer heat up.  Let’s discuss the transformer testing for temperature rising in the article .

How Reliable Are Your Batteries in Hydropower Really?

The heart of DC systems lies the battery, a critical component that provides emergency power during outages, supports control and protection equipment, and stabilizes power quality. To guarantee their dependability, battery test equipment are indispensable tools in the maintenance of these energy storage systems.

The application and trouble methods of AC Resonance Test System 

AC series resonance test system is a cornerstone, its import as critical as the infrastructure it supports. This article seeks to underscore the vital role of such equipment in the lifecycle of high-voltage applications. We will elucidate its indispensable applications, from the meticulous testing of power plant components to the rigorous validation of transmission lines, underscoring how the stability of our electrical supply hinges on the robustness of these systems.

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