Prioritizing Safety: The Critical Importance of Preventive Maintenance for Electrical Equipment

Prioritizing Safety: The Critical Importance of Preventive Maintenance for Electrical Equipment

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The electrical preventive maintenance of electrical equipment has become more and more important when the production level of various electrical equipment gradually increases. Factories and enterprises pay more attention on the electrical preventive maintenance. So far,  the more advanced the equipment is, the more difficult the maintenance work is, which puts a lot of test on the technical level of the maintenance personnel.

In the past electrical maintenance, it simply relied on professional maintenance personnel for maintenance. In the maintenance process, the complex and tedious work will occupy a lot of work time, so that the more professional work cannot be handled in time.

In addition, in the production process, due to the unskilled operators, the problems in the equipment cannot be found in time, which will cause the failure of the equipment to continue to occur, resulting in an increase in maintenance costs.

Therefore, daily preventive maintenance of electrical equipment is very important, which not only brings convenience to daily work, but also ensures the continuity of production and brings good economic benefits to production enterprises.

Engineer checking and maintenance technical data of system equipment condenser Water pump and piping air compressor system at manufacturing factory.

The importance of preventive daily maintenance for electrical equipment

The preventive daily maintenance of electrical equipment is a planned and advanced maintenance method in the factory to extend the service life of the equipment and avoid a series of equipment failures during the production process.

Preventive daily maintenance is a means to minimize the occurrence of failures in the production work, and to improve the utilization rate and effect of the entire electrical equipment to the highest level. The purpose is to prevent irregularities in the production process and reduce production. s efficiency.

Many factories still use the traditional old method to maintain electrical equipment during production. This method cannot fundamentally find out the fault of the equipment, and some equipment is even aging and has lost its maintenance. the value of. Therefore, preventive routine maintenance can fundamentally find out the problem, and carry out regular maintenance according to the maintenance time customized in advance.

Even if the equipment has no fault problem, it can also avoid the occurrence of faults during the maintenance process, so that not only It can improve the service life of the equipment, and to a certain extent, it can also save the maintenance time after failure.

In some factories, because there is no regular maintenance for the equipment, failures occur during the production process and the problem cannot be found in time, resulting in economic losses of the enterprise.

Therefore, enterprises should carefully check the electrical equipment in the maintenance process according to their own actual conditions in production, and find out the factors that are prone to failure. These factors can be checked in future maintenance, and when necessary, also The electrical equipment can be effectively transformed to reasonably avoid and prevent the occurrence of failures.

Why the preventive daily maintenance of electrical equipment is needed ?

It is the guarantee for the safe operation of production

Engineer commissioning bay control unit. Engineering department. Medium voltage switchgear

The primary condition for the normal operation of the factory is the normal operation of the electrical equipment, and the premise of the normal operation of the electrical equipment is to ensure the safety of the equipment.

Therefore, preventive daily maintenance of electrical equipment is very necessary. Especially for some new electrical equipment, strict and careful preventive maintenance must be carried out to ensure the service life of the electrical equipment and the safety issues during production and operation.

Because the long-term operation of the equipment will reduce its ability to operate, and the intermittent operation state cannot be avoided, the preventive daily maintenance and inspection work can ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment.

Preventive maintenance is the premise of electrical equipment management

The management of electrical equipment needs to be tested in advance, and then classified according to the performance of electrical equipment. It can be seen that the method of predictive maintenance can provide a reliable basis for electrical classification management.

In addition, the classification management of electrical equipment should not only focus on the new and old effects of its appearance, but also according to the quality of its performance. The predictive maintenance method can provide reference data for classification management, so that the classification management of electrical equipment can be done well.

Predictive maintenance can provide the basis for the update of equipment

In the process of testing the performance of electrical equipment, the relevant reference data of the electrical equipment can be effectively tested, and in the process, the change law of the performance of the electrical equipment can be accurately found, and the electrical equipment can be maintained in a timely and effective manner.

Thereby reducing the loss caused by the failure of electrical equipment in the production process. Especially for old equipment that has been used for a relatively long time, it is even more necessary to carry out predictive routine maintenance in a timely manner, check the problems, and determine whether its performance can still run normally in the production work.

Due to the large demand of factories in modern society, the operation of production is relatively large. Therefore, the service life of electrical equipment is also shortening, and the performance of use is gradually reduced. It can be seen that preventive daily maintenance plays an important role in the inspection of electrical equipment, and also has a certain role in promoting the production and operation efficiency of the factory.

The failure of electrical equipment

In the production of the factory, the common faults of electrical equipment are mainly a series of problems that the current is too high due to the overload of the electrical equipment, so that the machine temperature in the electrical equipment is too high. When the insulation effect of electrical equipment is poor, its internal consumption will increase relatively.

In addition, when the electrical equipment is in poor contact with the power switch, the contact resistance will be too large, which is also the cause of overheating of the internal equipment. If the inspection of such problems is not thorough, it will directly affect the overheating of the internal devices of the electrical equipment, resulting in the failure of the normal operation of the electrical equipment.

It can be seen that excessive temperature has a fatal impact on the stability of electrical equipment. Then, in the daily operation, the reasons for this kind of phenomenon are as follows:

First, it is caused by human factors. Maintenance work cannot play an effective role, and in the long run, it will form a vicious circle, which will eventually lead to greater failure problems in the production process of electrical equipment.

The second is that the electrical equipment has been in a high-load operation state for a long time,. The device is operating non-stop,which leads to the electrical equipment exceeding the working limit. At the same time, it also has a lot to do with human improper operation. When the electrical equipment is in operation, the operator’s skill is not good enough, which leads to the electrical equipment being in a working state of high voltage and current for a long time, thus causing the electrical equipment to be damaged and unable to work.

The third is that the electrical equipment has been in a state of insufficient maintenance for a long time, resulting in its damage. Therefore, the relevant staff should do a good job in the inspection and protection of the electrical equipment for regular maintenance, formulate a targeted maintenance plan, and Put forward measures to solve the problem, so as to ensure that the electrical equipment can operate effectively in the production work, and bring higher economic benefits to the enterprise unit.

Measurements for daily electrical maintenance

(1) Preventive maintenance of electrical circuits

Electrical lines are a common phenomenon that causes electrical equipment to fail, mainly including short-circuit and open-circuit faults of wires. The fault of the circuit line will generally cause the electrical equipment to fail to work, and it will cause casualties in serious cases, which is a problem that cannot be ignored. The consequences of saving.

(2) Preventive maintenance of transformers

The transformer is the power supply equipment to ensure the normal production of the factory. If the transformer is damaged, the production will not run. The maintenance of the transformer is mainly to ensure that there are no flammable sundries and accumulated water around it, clean the surrounding dust in time, and regularly check whether the bolts of the transformer are tight, so as to effectively deal with the loss caused by the transformer.

(3) Preventive maintenance of HV/LV switchgear

Electrician engineer tests system with relay test set equipment. Relay and protection testing

The current and voltage of the high and low voltage switchgear are generally very large. Once a fault occurs, the harm caused cannot be underestimated. At the same time, the high and low voltage switchgear is directly connected to the power grid, so the failure will not only affect the production of the project Failure to operate normally also has an important impact on the power grid. Therefore, great attention should be paid to the design and installation of high and low voltage switchgear, and regular maintenance should be carried out.

The maintenance of electrical equipment is a key point that cannot be ignored in the entire production work. It not only provides guarantee for the production of enterprises, but also vigorously promotes the development of electrical equipment in China. Therefore, for now, it is of great significance to study the preventive daily maintenance of electrical equipment. While ensuring that the equipment can be effectively used, it can also bring economic benefits to the enterprise to a certain extent.

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